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Mihnea Mircan is an author and editor of books and exhibitions catalogues, among which the monographic survey of Miklos Onucsan, and a regular contributor to international art publications, such as Afterall, Mousse and Manifesta Journal. Mihnea Mircan is one of the curators of the Art Encounters Biennial Timișoaraa meeting point for the second part of the program. Talk Topic: Anamorphoses Talk Summary: The talk will introduce three projects that hinge on unstable images, hybrid pictures that open distinct and sometimes contrasting interpretive pathways.

I will focus on the exhibition A Biography of Daphne, currently presented at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art in Melbourne, Australia, an attempt to reimagine the myth of Daphne — the nymph who became a laurel tree to evade the pursuit of a god — as a reflection calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging trauma and metamorphosis in the Anthropocene.

Farid Rakun Trained as an architect B. It is a non-profit organization that strives to support the idea of art within urban and cultural context by involving artists and other disciplines such as social sciences, politics, technology, media, etc, to give critical observation and views towards Indonesian urban contemporary issues.

It is a cross-disciplinary space that aims to maintain, cultivate and establish an integrated support system for creative talents, diverse communities, and various institutions. It also aspires to be able to make connections and collaborate, to share knowledge and ideas, as well as to encourage critical thinking, creativity, and innovations.

The results of these joint collaborations are open for public access—and presented with various exhibitions, festivals, workshops, discussions, film screenings, music concerts, and publications of journals.

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It is a public learning space established to practice an expanded understanding of collective values, such as equality, sharing, solidarity, friendship and togetherness. Magda Radu Magda Radu is a curator and art historian based in Bucharest.

She is a founder calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging the independent art space Salonul de proiecte, established in Bucharest in — a research and production-based project whose program involves exhibitions, publications, and discursive platforms situating local phenomena in dialogue within both regional and wider international contexts.

She is the editor or co-editor of several exhibition catalogues and books, among which: Art in Romania Between She curated the Romanian participation at the 57 th edition of the Venice Biennale in with the project Geta Brătescu — Apparitions.

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Talk Topic: Self-organization, between institutional aspirations and the need to experiment Talk Summary: In my presentation I will look at the activity of Salonul de proiecte from the perspective of the various ways in which it functioned over the years: as a project space attached to a museum, in the beginning, and from a certain point onwards as an independent platform for research and exhibitions, attempting on some occasions to act as a para-institution, in a context in which the sustainability of long-term initiatives is constantly threatened.

This winding trajectory exposed the calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging of entities attached to a space that are deprived of funding opportunities for essential operations, but it also prompted us to think about — and even to attempt to give shape to — alternative forms of institutionalism, centered on collective work and dehierarchization, care and solidarity. Răzvan Anton Mihai Iepure-G.

He is an Arts Academy graduate that currently resides in Cluj-Napoca and works in a variety of mediums trying hard to not fall for their charms. As of recenthe took matters into his own hands and started writing projects and curating as part of the Paintbrush Factory collective from Cluj alongside Răzvan Anton.

Since he has been co-curating the visual arts programme of the Paintbrush Factory Cluj alongside Mihai Iepure-Górski. Next to his managing and curatorial responsibilities he is heading the development of research-based projects bridging urban discourse and local practice, e.

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Matthias is a board member of Haus der Statistik www. Anne Szefer Karlsen Is a curator, writer, editor and educator. Their interests are in artistic and curatorial collaborations as well as developing the language that surrounds art productions of today, linguistically, spatially and structurally.

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From he was artistic director of Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. He worked there first from — as a curatorial assistant and as co-director.

calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging regim anti-imbatranire pentru moda anilor 40

She has worked at Tate Liverpool as Senior Curator, where she was responsible for the programme and international collaborations. Prior to that she worked at Tate Modernwhere calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging curated a number of exhibitions. Between and she was Director of Open Art Projects, an organisation dedicated to innovative art commissions. Her independent work includes numerous interdisciplinary exhibitions, most recently the inaugural exhibition of Muzeum Susch.

calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging ingrijire a pielii anti imbatranire mona

Redzisz has edited and contributed to several exhibition catalogues and published her texts in magazines such as Frieze, Mousse and Tate Etc. Inshe was editor of artmagazin. She co-founded the independent art initiatives Dinamo and Impex, both in Budapest.

Even calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging these groups or platforms are commonly perceived as being created and maintained in opposition to standard institutional policies and practices as they indeed mostly arechallenging the status quo, one should also understand the complex net of interdependencies that exist between institutions, the market and self-organized initiatives, and recognize the potential of long-term strategic alliances formed by the latter group Joanna Warsza, Course Leader Joanna Warsza is curator and writer in the fields of visual and performing arts and architecture.

She was the artistic director of Public Art Munich and, sinceshe has been running the curatorial program CuratorLab at Konstfack University of arts.

calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging aveda recenzii pentru îngrijirea pielii anti-îmbătrânire

She also worked as head of Public Programs for Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg in Amin that investigates significant transformations in territorial constructs and their impact on new geopolitical alliances and global politics. This presentation addresses how we got here.

Bio Artist Heba Y. Amin b.

În sudul Suediei, sunt comune râurile mai înguste cunoscute sub numele de åar. Marea majoritate a reședințelor de comune sunt situate fie pe malul mării, fie pe ale unor râuri sau lacuri, iar majoritatea populației țării trăiește în comunele de coastă.

She also has an extensive repertoire in public speaking and was recently awarded the Tratamente naturiste împotriva îmbătrânirii Artist award for artists who are committed to the ideals of democracy and anti-fascism.

Furthermore, Amin is one of the artists behind the subversive graffiti action on the set of the television series Homeland, which received worldwide media attention.

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The Possibility of Possibility Ibrahim Nehme will discuss, through his recent practice, the role of radical imagination in movements of resistance, and the impact of new memes on popular culture and politics.

Bio Ibrahim Nehme is a creator, curator, and speaker based in Beirut.

His work is a cross-pollination between research, art, and activism, and could be understood as a series of attempts to shift the collective consciousness. In he founded The Outpost magazine. Through alternative storytelling, The Outpost imagined and unlocked new futures in the Arab world. More recently, Ibrahim has been researching underground economies, radio networks, club culture, and various forms of mythmaking, as part of a larger study that examines the relationship between cultural output and social impact.

He is currently uploading the entire printed archive of The Outpost to a new digital platform, as well as sowing the seeds of new live performances for the theater. Landscapes of un learning — on ecology, care and community We are on the cusp of a global environmental movement. Tara Lasrado brings together artists, scientists, restoration specialists and local communities, cultivating new conditions and opportunities for transdisciplinary exchange.

Tara will share her latest projects, practice and thinking across various sites in Switzerland, India and Bangladesh.

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Bio Tara Lasrado is an independent producer and curator particularly interested in working on experimental, collective and interdisciplinary collaborations for diverse audiences. Petersburg and in the local Manifesta 11 team in Zürich. Zürich Interkulturell». In Tara co-founded and curated Progetto to initiate a cultural exchange for emerging artists from Ticino in art institutions and off-spaces in Zürich.

She cultivates transdisciplinary exchange amongst artists, scientists and local communities, by bringing together theory and practice to create glocal impact, solidarity and action around the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. Dao is in Weeds I will discuss, through my recent art practice, how I understand our contemporary crises, and how as an artist, I have been working with plants — weeds in Shanghai, ferns in Taipei, and orchids in Krabi — to cultivate ecological wisdom beyond the Anthropo-extinction event.

Art can no longer be defined as anthropocentric creation. It needs to be seen as our collaboration with ten thousand happening. Committed to multispecies vibrancy, Zheng investigates the past and imagines the future from the perspectives of marginalized communities and marginalized plants.

calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging plante pentru riduri

He creates weedy gardens, living slogans, and eco-queer films to cultivate ecological wisdom beyond the Anthropo-extinction event. His projects are included in Liverpool BiennialYokohama TriennaleManifesta 12, the 11th Taipei Biennial, the 11th Shanghai Biennial, and the performance program of the 58th Venice Biennale in Inas artist-in-residence at the Gropius Bau in Berlin, he is engaging in conversations with plant scientists and ecologists to speculate how plants practice politics.

Autonomous communities in that region and artists engaged in these communities gave his idea of the role of an artist and art a new perspective, which was very inspiring during the pandemic lockdown and beyond.

How the project for the biennial changed and developed, and what kind of imaginary strolls he took, will be presented and discussed with Adrian Notz and the participants of the Autumn School of Curating.

Republica Populară Chineză

For more than ten years calendar anual 2022 suisse anti aging developed the Liquid Archive, a collection of images from books, magazines and the Internet, which he transformed into vector graphics and used as the basis of his own visual language.

Using this visual database, the artist has ventured into mediums diverse as sculpture, drawing, installation, video, animation, collage and painting. Parallel to his studio practice, Amorales has begun to explore film, a medium that allows him to test new possibilities of non-verbal communication.

Amorales, ChallengeTate Modern, London, Carlos Amorales lives and works in Mexico City. You will never walk alone.

March 18, Curs de informare si pregatire dedicat functionarilor publici si personalului contractual din administratia publica Cu orasele in continua crestere si extinderea dezvoltarilor urbane, presiunea asupra infrastructurii devine o preocupare majora si forteaza planificarea viitoarelor servicii de utilitati publice pe noi modele de abordare.

A curatorial presentation by Joanna Warsza in the form of a stroll You will never walk alone — was one of the slogans of recent women strikes in Poland aiming at reclaiming a place of women in the public realm.