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L-Carnitine works as a shuttle in both directions removing the excess of Acyls units from inside the mitochondria. Any accumulation of those products and excessive Acyls units can disturb and perturbate the mitochondrial function.

L-Carnitine provoacă înroșirea pliurilor nazolabiale a powerful antioxidant, detoxify ammonia, neutralize lactic acidosis and is an iron-chelator.

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Co-Q can neutralize all ROS created inside the mitochondria and elsewhere in the cell and outside cell, and as a matter of fact, is a potent anti-oxydant who protects against mitochondrial decay.

Co-Q makes lipid membranes more resistant to peroxydation, reduces blood pressure and decrease CRP. Another important role for Ubiquinone is to stabilize membranes and therefore, it works as anti-arrhytmic agent.

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While blocking cholesterol synthesis, it can inhibit Co-Q production at the same time mevalonic ac pathway. Involved in many as enzyme-reactions in the body.

Încărcat de Heinrich brambilla swiss fashion anti aging, Dictionar Regizori Si Filme Indice PDF Exist dovezi pentru rolul microelementelor n geneza CMP specifice din uremie, cum sunt deficitul de seleniu i zinc sau suprancrcarea cu cobalt [8]. Independent de valorile TA, prezint importan variabilitatea ritmului circadian al TA.

Is essential for the transport of ATP in the cytosol, helps to relax the muscle walls of the arteries, acts as an calcium channel blocker, as a result, decreases blood pressure. Magnesium is used for arryhtmias and mitral valve prolapsus.

Heinrich brambilla swiss fashion anti aging, Dictionar Regizori Si Filme Indice | PDF

IV administration is used in a variety of cardiac emergencies, improve NOs activity, and as result, increase coronary blood flow. Works very well against migraine orally, mg bid daily and IV in case of acute crisis.

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Those lipoproteins after a lipid-rich dinner f. Those fat particles are among the most potent causes of heart attacks and strokes. Normally, in healthy adults, those particles should be cleared from the blood within 4 to 6 hours.

Many clinical studies have indicated that those postprandial lipoproteins are powerful instigators of coronary plaque, carotid plaque and plaque in masa fină swiss speed anti aging aorta. In reality, they block NO production, increase releasing of Endothelin by EC, causing Endothelial dysfunction, increase cell adhesion molecules CAM allowing white blood cells to adhere and enter the arterial wall, leading to plaque formation, and activate blood clotting factors while inhibiting clot breakdown.

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Last, they trigger the production of small LDL particles. D-Ribose is a 5 carbons sugar pentoseand is not a part of glycolysis 6C.

CZU Intertext N3 4 2019 Final

Synthethized from glucose through an independent mechanism called the Pentose Phosphate Pathway which is: - Time consuming - Rate-limited by 2 enzymes: GP-D glucosephosphate dehydrogenase 6-P-G-D 6phosphogluconate dehydrogenase Supplementing with D-Ribose bypasses this slow and rate limited pathway, will inevitably accelerate ATP synthesis.

This pentose is quickly absorbed orally, 95 per cent of it will be used by different tissues while only 5 per cent will be excreted in the urine. No IDL Intermediate density lipoprotein should be present in blood draw fasting.

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How to lower PPHD? Tocotrienols can decrease LDL at a dosage of 75 mg a day.

During this study, took low to moderate doses of Aspirin. The conclusion was very clear: - Women who reported taking low to moderate doses of aspirin had a 25 per cent lower risk of death from masa fină swiss speed anti aging cause.

It speaks for itself.

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Inflammation causes arterial plaques to breakoff and plays a deadly role in destabilizing arterial plaques. Meanwhile, it can cause excessive free radical damage, therefore it can deplete the body's reserves in antioxidants.

New strategy to cool inflammation -protocol- : - Use of Boswellia extract to inhibit 5-lox 5-loxin. Vit D: Down regulate gene expression of NF-Kappa Bta key role in inflammation and cancer and has a powerful immunomodulator activity.

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Anti-Inflammatory diet: Rich in nuts, cereals, MU fats, fish, Colza oil, low glycemic index, low in arachidonic acid and rich in fibers. Homocystein, the silent killer: Homocysteine is a byproduct of the metabolism of Methionine.

High plasma level of homocysteine is a powerful risk factor for Masa fină swiss speed anti aging, Alzheimer, depression osteoporosis, etcand is an independent risk factor for CVD. You can reduce your homocysteine by enhancing methylation, by transferring a methyl group-CH3 from one molecule to another.

Methylation takes place in every cell several times daily. When Methionine donates her methyl group, it becomes Homocysteine. They can facilitate the recycling of homocysteine back to Methionine.

This is what we call a Methylation process. This reaction does need the help of methylating factors as, Vit B6, Vit B12, folic ac and zinc.

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Homocystein is causing the initial damage to the lining of the blood vessels, opening the door to oxidized LDL to penetrate the intima and build up inside the walls with macrophages, increasing free radical activity, blood clotting mechanisms and impairing fibrinolysis. References: The new science of growing older without aging BY Dr Philip Lee Miller, life extension foundation edition The Sinatra solutionby Dr Stephen Sinatra The british journal of pharmacologyMagnesium intake and risk of coronary heart disease among men j Amer coll Nutri ,23 Masa fină swiss speed anti aging Al Delaimy et all Zimmer HG, Hibel: the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in the heart: regulation, physiological significance and implicationsBasic res cardio Multumim oaspetilor nostri, participantilor cat si companiilor prezente la acest eveniment si ai anuntam pe aceasta cale ca in data de mai se va organiza Al Treilea Congres International de Medicina AntiAging si Primul Congres International din Romania de Lasere in Medicina si Chirurgie.

Cele doua congrese vor avea loc in acelasi timp, sub patronajul Asociatiei de Medicina Anti-Aging, in Bucuresti organizandu-se numeroase workshop-uri atat de medicina anti-aging cat si de estetica si lasere.

Toate manifestarile stiintifice vor fi acreditate de Colegiul Medicilor iar participantii vor primi credite EMC. De asemenea datorita bunelor relatii cu Academia Americana de Medicina Anti-Aging avem bucuria de a va anunta ca initiatorul conceptului de medicina antiaging Dr. Ahmad Najjar The medical use of tattooing is a highly specialized field for the implantation of pigment within the skin in a safe and sterile environment by recognized experts.