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Summary and Quick Facts for Cervical Dysplasia

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A small percentage of women diagnosed with cervical dysplasia will go on to develop cervical cancer, which is one of the most preventable cancers. In this protocol you will learn about factors that increase risk of cervical dysplasia and how cervical dysplasia is classified. The benefits and risks of currently available treatments will also be reviewed, and evidence concerning integrative interventions such as B vitamins and diindolylmethane DIMwhich have been studied in the context of cervical dysplasia, will be presented. Women who opt for watchful waiting after a diagnosis of low-grade cervical dysplasia should adopt the healthy lifestyle choices and risk reduction measures presented in this protocol. If the condition persists or worsens, active treatment can be instituted.

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Cervical Dysplasia

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Risk Factors for Developing Cervical Dysplasia

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